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Whooshstream was formerly OFWHosting a web hosting company started 2006, on 2008 we have come up with the idea to to make a unique product instead of competing to a thousands or millions of webhosting company on the internet, so we shifted to streaming business and thats Whooshstream is all about now, although we still accept web hosting but our main focus is stream hosting as well as making stream Radio Players.

We are having stream servers from UK, Canada, Chicago and Germany and has over 800+ clients and counting, we did not use any paid advertisement to market our product and services, we got our clients by word of mouth which means those satisfied clients recommend our product and services to their friends and colleagues.

RadioBox's Story: How it all began

Years ago during 2008 we have started creating Flash players for radio station online and we have encountered some issue mostly after the client purchase the player they require our assistance to install the radio player on their website and on Facebook page although this service is free for our client but this was become a time consuming for us moreover installing radio player on Facebook require their website to have https enabled and it become a problem for client. Then we have come up to some sort of solution to make it much easier for clients to setup a radio player on their website with just pasting an embed code, configuring the player will be easy for them using some sort of control panel, integrating the player to Facebook will a lot easier just some few clicks and https is no longer a problem as well. Clients like it in fact they suggested some more features and up until now those feature are keep growing as more client are using it and we call this product as RadioBox.

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