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About WhooshStream

WhooshStream is a Texas-based LLC company located in the northern area of Dallas. We specialize in Internet Radio Streaming hosting, Web Hosting, and Design.

WhooshStream was started around September 2008 as a personal simple online automated song request project by Dario Mindoro a Full-Stack Software engineer, He used this website to listen to music from his home while working in the office in UAE, it has a text-to-speech virtual DJ that reads listeners greetings along with the music, while he keep updating the radio web flash player many radio and online station or internet broadcaster was amazed with its features and requested him to create one for their radio station's website.

In 2013, the demand for the radio player increased, and there were frequent requests for player updates. Dario believed that making the player easy to install on websites and allowing it to be instantly updated from a control panel would greatly help broadcasters. This would allow them to focus more on music and content instead of technical tasks. Dario developed several streaming web applications to address this need. While this solution worked and was helpful, there were issues when using stream servers from other companies, such as compatibility with the player, SSL, cross-domain security policy, and customized domain for stream. Dario saw an opportunity in this and transformed the Whooshstream website into a Streaming Hosting company. He developed Airloud©, a control panel for web radio player, and WCast©, a web-based control panel for Icecast and Shoutcast stream servers.

Bridging the gap

Not all Internet or Radio broadcasters are expert on the technical side of streaming as they focus more on contents and music, this is all WhooshStream come into play to fill the gap on the technical area.

In April 2024 WhooshStream became an LLC company in Texas U.S.A and making its way to more scalable and innovative streaming services including Web Hosting.