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1. What the heck is RadioBox-HD?

Answer: RadioBox-HD is simply a dynamic AAC+ flash player with DJ control panel and all the features are gathered from the request of some radio streaming addicts.

2. How can I put the RadioBox-HD player on my site?

Answer: Just login to your RadioBoxHD control panel and click the player preview, copy the embed code and paste it to your website HTML code

3 Can I use my own Icecast KH server on my RadioBox-HD account?

Answer: It is required you to have Icecast KH server account under Whooshstream Server as there are some incompatibility issue when using different stream server.

4. How can I change or put my station logo on the RadioBox-HD Player?

Answer: on the RadioBox-HD control panel, click the player configuration menu and you can upload your logo file, preferrably png format for transparency but you can still use other image format such as jpeg or gif

5. Can I use flash animated  banner for the player?

Answer: Yes you can use flash or image file on the banner, but avoid using flash that also uses audio engine of flash as this will conflict with the player and spectrum will stop working,  avoid too much animation too as this will slow down the animation on the player and will consume huge memory on the browser.

6. Why is it that when I update the banner on the control panel, the update on the player took time?

Answer: The player re-fetch the information from the server every after 30 seconds, making this lower value will eat too much bandwidth on the website and the player updating will also affected

7. Why did you use iframe for embedding the player?

Answer: Using iframe make it very easy for the client to embed it on their website without worrying about any further setup.

8. Can I use two or more station on one RadioBox-HD account?

Answer: The control panel can only control one player with one stream station so if you have two or more station you need to have additional RadioBox-HD account too, but if you just want to relay some external station you can add it on the stream list so the player will create a station button on the lower area and the listener can click it to listen to your other station.

9. Can I use multiple stream on the player?

Answer: Yes you can use multiple stream such as high-bandwidth, medium-bandwidth and low-bandwidth stream you can configure it on the stream list from the control panel, make sure they are in a proper order so the high-bandwidth comes first, so that when the player get disconnected it will reconnect on the next stream on the list automatically.

10. Can I Install RadioBox-HD on my own server?

Answer: RadioBox-HD cannot be installed on outside server as we don't have much resource to assist you on some incompatibility when use on other server,  but in the future that is one of my plan to make RadioBox-HD standalone application that you can install on your own server.

11. What is the different between RadioBox-HD and AAC+ Flash Player?

Answer: RadioBox-HD is actually an AAC+ Flash player but it has a DJ control panel that can control the player and the stream server too,  the normal AAC+ Flash player on the other hand is a stand alone AAC+ Flash player with only XML configuration file.

12. Can I get the source code of RadioBox-HD player?  

Answer: RadioBox-HD source code is not for sale and besides even you have the source code of the player you still cannot use it as it is totally tied-up to the php script on the panel

13. Can I use RadioBox for my Shoutcast server?

Answer: No, RadioBox was design for Icecast KH to make use of FLV encapsulation technique to enable streaming AAC+ directly to RadioBox player, on the other hand Shoutcast don't have FLV encapsulation features. 

However if you don't like to leave your shoutcast server and switch to icecast server we have solution for that as we can relay your shoutcast stream to our icecast kh server so that RadioBox can play your stream, for this solution you need to get any Icecast package from us.


Icecast KH Stream Server

1. What is the different between the Icecast and Icecast KH server?

Answer: Icecast KH can encapsulate the stream to FLV format that make it possible to stream AAC+ format directly to Flash player.

2. I have existing shoutcast server do I need to get Icecast KH server?

Answer: If you wish to use AAC+ Flash player then you really need an Icecast KH server, shoutcast does not support direct streaming of AAC+ flash format to flash.

3. Your Stream packages looks really affordable compared to other, some people says when the product is cheap then maybe the quality is not good.

Answer: The first aim of Whooshstream is to keep the price as low as possible yet the quality of server is higher than the client expected, I do take care of my client personally thats why my clients are growing because of the "word of mouth" referrals.

The stream server is hosted on a dedicated server with 99% uptime on a secured data center located in Canada

4. Why need to stream in AAC+ stream format?

Answer: AAC+ can deliver a high quality of audio even on a low bandwidth transmission, the 48kbps for instance is equivalent to 96kbps of MP3 format stream, ni this case you will get more audience for your station as it is more accissible on-demand.



1. Can I play copyright materials on my stream or players?

Answer:  due to the fact that we have users from all over the world, we are unable to provide any kind of legal advice. If you are in doubt about the legality of streaming any particular content, you should seek legal advice and/or search the internet for relevant information.

We do not pay royalties on your behalf and it may not be legal for you to play music or other material that has copyright protection.

We reserve the right to periodically check content streamed by users and will suspend accounts that we reasonably believe are breaking the law.

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