High Quality audio broadcasting in low bandwidth

with AAC+ stream format you can broadcast in near-CD quality audio even on 64kbps

Icecast KH/Shoutcast

Choose which type of server is best for you, depend on the stream format AAC,AAC+,MP3 and OGG you are planning to use

Stream Control Panel

Using Centovacast Control panel you can control your stream, configure stream server informations, manage song library and view stream log reports

AutoDJ/live switching

Gapless transition from AutoDJ to live or vice versa using Icecast KH stream server, no more server restart

MP3 to AAC transcoding

on the AutoDJ package, you can just upload mp3 files and it will be stream on AAC format retaining high quality but reducing bandwidth

Cloud Stream Server

We uses Cloud servers for the 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can select from the different location of our server which are NewYork, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Canada and Uk

FREE AAC Flash player

All stream package comes with FREE AAC Flash player, this AAC flash will only work with Icecast KH server

Plans & Pricing

We stay as cheap as possible but with sufficient services

Products & Services

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